Saturday, June 04, 2005


I saw "Top Gun" over twenty times when it first came out because I spent a lot of time with my cousin. She lived by (I think) one of the first dollar shows in our area so we were allowed to go to the movies a lot that summer. Anyho my point is that movie led to me falling in love with Tom Cruise. That love affair has lasted through the bad race car movie and I don't even want to talk about his Irish accent in that movie with Nicole. I hated that movie but I watched it anyway and yes I was crying and cheering when he was racing to stick that metal thing in the ground to claim his piece of land and get his woman. I was faithful knowing that he would bounce back and I would once again pay full price just to see his beautiful smile. HOWEVER that has changed.

Tom its over.

No we can't be friends.

Where the hell does he get off telling the world that he thinks Brooke Shields was wrong for taking antidepressants for her postpartum depression??? Hello I have been following his career since I was like 12 and nope I never did read the article detailing his medical school antics or his extensive research in womens health issues. Did I happen to miss that issue of "People"?

I have read articles about postpartum depression and since I did take a science class or two I do know something about the brain so I can say with a reasonable amount of knowledge that he is full of sh*t. Postpartum depression is very real and YES YOU DO NEED MEDICATION TO TREAT IT. Vitamins are great and yes you do need those to remain healthy however they don't treat depression. Why? Well because depression occurs because you have a neurotransmitter imbalance in your brain. Fred Flinstone isn't enough to help that honey. Depression also has genetic and environmental causes and in all honesty medication only helps about 70% of people suffering from depression. I got that statistic from my professor who has a PhD. in NEUROPSYCHOLOGY.

I hate actors who think that because they can act they can also preach about health or political issues. Just because you play a smart person on the big screen doesn't make you one in real life.

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