Saturday, June 04, 2005

Well Damn

I talked Mike, an agent's son, into getting me some ice cream. he bought me an ice cream 'samich. It was way yummy. Now remember I am a receptionist which means that I am sit in the front of the office. I get done with my treat and I continue to sit at my desk answering phones and greeting 2 different sets of clients for the same agent. Not one person made a comment about my appearance.

I go into the bathroom to piddle and I look in the mirror ***GASP**** Great Mother Mary of G-d I have a HUGE piece of chocolate cake smeared across my front tooth. You can't even tell I HAVE a front tooth!!! Now why the hell did no one see fit to mention that little fact to me???

**** This office is close to Taylor and I don't have any make-up on so maybe they thought I didn't have a front tooth in the first place??*********

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