Thursday, June 09, 2005

Smart Girl

Now you all know that my cousin is probably my most favorite person in the world. We have been through everything together. When my jackass prom date dumped me right before prom she made it her mission to find me another date (I ended up going with a friend of the Pastel Princess....nuff said). She also came over and helped me with my make-up for Prom. We have cried together, laughed at/with each other, eaten WAY TOO much chips and dip and her husband swears we are too scary when we are together ( we can look at each other and just start laughing like mad for no reason other than we can) I was her maid of honor and she will be mine when The Man comes to his senses:-D

The point?

She has a child and this child is known as the "smart girl" or "chasers" This child has the whole damn family wrapped around her grubby little finger. I swear she has a French accent even though she was born in New Jersey. Ohh I hope she doesn't get Jersey hair. Anyway this past week Smart Girl was looking at pictures from my graduation (I did mention that I graduated right??) and she said "The Man" "The Man" and my cousin was all confused because I think it was in the morning and no we don't DO mornings. Then Smart Girl said "The Duchess" "The Duchess" and my cousin started laughing. Why? 'Cause whenever the Smart Girl comes into town she avoids The Man like he personally kicked a Wiggle. Yet when she is safely back in Jersey she points him out in pictures. I guess she figures,because she is a smart girl hence the nickname, that The Man is ok in theory but not in real life. Actually she will follow him if he is carrying cake or a present for her. See I told you she was a smart girl:)

She is gracing us with her cute self next week and if we can pry her away from the grandparents we may actually get some quality time with her.

I can't wait to see the Smart Girl because I miss my cousin. If I can't have the real thing than Chasers is a good subsititute:)

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that you need to learn how to post pictures onto your blog and post some of smart girl since I haven't seen her since she was a little tot tying to hold herself up by the coffee table!