Thursday, July 07, 2005


Ok I think everyone needs to send prayers and positive energy to London. After 9/11 Blair was right by our side and now we need to circle the wagons for him.

I work in an office that has a large Arab population. Immediately they started to say how the world would automatically blame the Arabs and their religion is the most peaceful religion in the world. Then later in the day CNN reports that a new taliban group is claiming this tragedy. One of the agents then hands me a stupid email about how doctors kill more people than guns and we need to worry about doctors and stop blaming innocent Arabs for all of the tragedies in the world.


You know he has a semi point. Everytime something does happen it seems like the world just assumes that it has something to do with Isalm or the taliban. We shouldn't assume anything. However we are normally correct in that assumption.

I have a cousin in the military and he has always been my hero. Everytime something happens somewhere on this planet I immediatley start to worry about him and what this means. He doesn't worry because he honestly believes that this is the best country in the world and yeah we do have a responsiblity to help those that can't help themselves and he is ready for whatever he has to do as a member of the military. Yeah he doesn't want to leave his three boys and his wife but he does because he honestly believes in this country. All of these yappy actors who are so proud to air their opinion should have to do his job for one day in the conditions that resemble Hell and for the pay that he gets and see how loud they complain and how long they stay.

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