Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The weekend

First of all
Happy Birthdays to:
Quinnybot 7-1
Wonder Boy 7-2
Tess (K-pooh daughter and my future G-ddaughter) 7-3

Now the weekend
On Friday The Man and I went out to eat with the Scrapbook Girl and Wonder Boy and then we went shopping. I had to get my fix at the Franklin Planner store and find something to go over my butt for the wedding on Saturday. I bought a print skirt and when I tried it on my mom said with lots of love "Oh honey not so pretty" Agh

On Saturday my mom and I ran a lot of errands before I had to get ready for the wedding. My hair? Was all curly and pretty and MIRACLE OF MIRACLES it stayed curly for the entire reception!!! Prayer? It works:)

The wedding was awesome and I cried. The minister had a lovely Scottish accent and the ceremony was entirely too short. Actually I am Catholic so anything under 45 minutes strikes me as too short:)

More later I acutally I have to work now:)

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