Sunday, September 04, 2005

Yes I know that I suck

Yes I know that my last update was Aug 12 and today is September 4. I suck and that is the truth.

Anyhoo I haven't sold my mom on eBay despite many close calls:) Seriously she is getting around a bit better now with her wheelchair and she isn't such a pain in my butt.
The Man has been a saint and he rocks.

I have learned a lot useful information since starting at the agency
1. Just because you are physically capable of having children doesn't mean that you should. Really. I have 18 birth families and 2 fathers. 2. fathers. They don't feel that they need to actually "father" their children, that's why G-d gave us two parents in case one is an ass.
2. The sight of those orange signs announcing construction delays is enough to send me into an anxiety attack. I hate construction and that is a sad thing considering that I live where those orange cans go to die.
3. My next car will either be a horse or have air conditioning. Period. Air Conditioning is not a luxury its a need.
4. I hate cell phones and they are evil yet I find myself using mine every day. why?
5. Because I have no sense of direction and I get lost everyday that I have a foster home visit.
6. The Man is the ideal person to call when you are panicking because you have somehow lost Woodward and you have wandered into a industrial park and you have to pee.
7. I have a sick need to buy cute office supplies so that my cubicle will be cute.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you must have cute office supplies. That is a given considering you kept Staples in business even before you got your big-girl job. :)

Love ya!
Scrapbook Girl