Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Man

is sick. I being the good girlfriend went to Target to buy DayQuil and guess what? Target doesn't sell it anymore. How weird is that?? The lady behind the counter said its because it contains something that can be made into a stronger drug. That was a quote by the way:) Anyhoo I had to go to CVS and get it and some candy that was 75% off. That was my exciting Saturday.

Work is going well. I have court Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday I just sit there and Wednesday I have to testify. I am a bit nervous because these parents are not doing well on their treatment plan. Also they smell to high heaven. I mean its so bad we spray the visiting room after they leave. If you know me then you know that I don't handle smells very well. Also they have teeth missing and when they talk spit comes shooting out of the gaps.

In other exciting news I am going to the mall with my aunt on Friday. I am dragging her on a exciting Foster Home Visit. This mall has a Hello Kitty store and the Smart Girl needs some Hello Kitty stuff for her birthday and Christmas. I love having a job.

My friend from school interviewed at the Agency so I am hoping she gets the job. I miss having someone to eat lunch with on a semi regular basis. The Scrapbook Girl works close to my office but she is in Dearborn a lot so its hard to find a time that we are free and have money:)

The Man and I bought glasses at Pier One last week. We compromised and bought two different kinds. Boring clear and cool blue. Guess which ones he picked!!


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