Thursday, December 01, 2005

Work and Nonsense

I had a bajillion reports to do in November. I still have 3 that are now late but I can only write so fast ya know?

The Man and I are going to have a very quiet weekend. I love quiet weekends:)

The couisn and Smart Girl are in Florida with The Saint. I hope I get some Eeyore stuff. Actuall Smart Girl picked out a Eeyore scrunchie which is very cute.

Today one of my kids went missing. He is nine and he missed the school bus so his foster mother told him to start walking home and she would pick him up at the halfway point. He got lost in the subdivision and went into a CVS to read. The police found him there in a corner reading a comic book. Now why would his foster mother let a nine year who is not familiar with the area walk home by himself? Why did the school let him leave without an adult when they know he takes the bus? I am just thankful he came home.

I have not started Christmas shopping.

Damn I am boring lately.

Maybe I will be kidnapped by aliens then I would have something to blog about:)

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