Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grad School and other nonsense

So last week The Man and I went to Madonna to pick up the application for grad school. The first thing I read was a statement that sent chills down my spine. Madonna does not encourage their students to work during their masters program. HUH???? I finally get health insurance and those yahoos want to take it away. Damn.

My life is good right now not great. I am getting experience, I have a couple of work buddys and I have a slight bank account. But my ultimate goal is to have my own practice and I can't do that with a B.S. I need a Masters to practice in Michigan. So I think I may have to quit work in a year when my internship starts. I need to do 700 hours, unpaid of course, to get my degree.

Why didn't I just go to beauty school?

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