Sunday, January 01, 2006


So I have been a bum. BUT I have been very busy at work and this Chirstmas thing always catches me by surprise. Sad really since it comes at the same time every year.

Anyhoo I am in Ohio with The Man's parents and brother. We had a quiet New Year's Eve which was nice and now I am waiting for everyone to get ready so we can leave for Mass.

I have a BUNCH of pictures to scan into this blog o'mine. Many of them have the Smart Girl and The Cousin in them. I may try to scan one of The Man and I but first I have to find one. I was thinking of scanning some pictures of my friends however I take pictures but I am very bad at getting them devoloped. The Scrapbook Girl takes a ton of pictures and she is really good at getting them devoloped however two seconds after she devolopes them she puts them in a scrapbook (which really explains the nickname, no?)Anyhoo I may try to steal a couple of pictures from her when she isn't looking:)