Monday, May 29, 2006

The Cousin is here!!!!!!

I am very excited The Cousin is in town until Thursday. We are having dinner on Wednesday night after I get out of work. I am bringing the laptop and my wedding "stuff" and we will eat, laugh, plan and be merry:) YAY for the Duchess.

In other non exciting news I did not get the Adoption position. Now don't get bummed for me because I am not bummed for me so it would be silly for you to bummed by your self. I am not bummed because if I had gotten the position I would have lost my 1000.00 bonus otherwise known as flower money and a 1000 increase in salary. The Man and I need the extra money for the WEDDING so not getting the job is a blessing in costume. Anyhoo I have court on Wednesday and Thursday. BORING!!

In grad school news: Nothing new to report. I am supposed to get more information on classes and whatnot in the mail soon.

Yay The Cousin is in town did I mention that??


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