Thursday, August 17, 2006


I am typing this on Thursday night
This week has been crap
Total crap
Today was the cherry on top of my crap week
I had a zillion calls from foster care. the foster parents wanted to talk to me and not my replacement and since I am still working there no one had a problem paging me. I worked on a foster care report all day, I supervised a foster sibling visit and I did a foster care level. I am no longer a foster care worker. Why can't people understand that?
I snapped at The Man and I didn't mean to. I went over to his house after work and I was finally calming down and actually relaxing and I totally got involved in "Grey's Anatomy" then I decided to go home before it was over to bring my mom dinner. I drove fast so I wouldn't miss much of it. My mom got really annoyed with me when she was eating because I was focusing on my TV show and I ended up missing a good portion of it because I had to yell to explain the whole damn show since she doesn't watch it. I ended up going right back to my previous stress ball level. Then she got mad and stomped off to bed. I "read" every damn show we watch together since she can't hear the TV. I sit through two hours of "Seventh Heaven" whenever I get home early even though she has seen every damn episode. I just wanted to watch one show and not have to read it and not have to explain anything to anyone for just an hour. I can't even do that.

I need a drink
I need a weekend with no plans, no mom, no foster parents
I need a weekend with The Man, chocolate and good movies. Some popcorn would be nice too

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