Sunday, August 20, 2006


This weekend has been very nice. We didn't have anything we HAD to do other than put money down on the church. So after we did that we got tamales and sweet bread before we went home. Later on we went to our favorite used bookstore and on the way back we stopped at Marshall Fields and I bought the cutest rehersal dinner invites. They were on sale 60% off so I had to get them.

I decided that we should get the office put together. We still had boxes in there and The Man has been in the house for over a year so it was time. I found out The Man does not throw anything away. He has a box of magazines that he had to keep because he may want to read an article someday. I suggested tearing the article out of the magazine and throwing the magazine out . Nope because then you are defacing the magazine. He also has old computer parts that he can't throw out because he believes that they should be recycled. So now I have to find a computer recylce place. AGH!!! I am in love with a pack rat.

In other news: I have to get ready for Mass or else I will be going to Church in my CareBear PJs. Not a good look.

See ya

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