Monday, August 21, 2006

Wedding Crisis and the one where The Duchess cries at work

The Wedding is still on don't worry.
However it won't be at the Church that I want it to be at or it won't be on the day that I want.

Why you ask?

The flipping priest double booked our Mass time. The other couple are people that actually go to Mass there so of course they get first choice. Which, in normal circumstances, I would totally agree with however now I am mad. The priest wrote our names in his book which is not the OFFICIAL book that the front office people use so therefore they booked a 2:00 wedding on 10-06-07. DAMN DAMN DAMN

Now don't think The Man and I are one those couples. You know the type that don't go to church, don't practice and all of sudden they HAVE to get married in a church. Nope, we go every week and The Man sings with the choir (I don't because well it wouldn't be pretty) and we taught last year and we are active members of our church. But the first church has a lot of history for my family and damned I wanted to get married there and now I can't and it sucks. I could change the day but we have a deposit on the hall and now that I think about it I really didn't like the priest at the first church. Fr. Gary is a nice guy and he know us.

Anyhoo I started to cry when I called my dad to tell him. He didn't make me cry the freaking situation did but he has such a soothing voice. I wish he would go to the first church and punch the priest in the nose. Normally I feel that any violence against a man or woman of God would be a one way ticket to Hell however my father puts up with a lot from the stepmonster so he may have a get out of hell card somewhere:)

Now I have to call our church and find out if they have our day open. My luck: that will be the only day that they have a wedding scheduled for in 2007!!

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Anonymous said...

you know, I am a certified minister via the internet......Why don't I just marry you?!?! HA HA HA HA HA