Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A little known fact about the Duchess

I *heart* cheesy dance movie

When the Cousin and I were Pre-teens we realized that could not possibly be seen in public or hang out with our parents. Now our parents are very close. My mom is her dad's sister. Until stinky married the evil one he was still included in our family gatherings...I know odd since they are divorced but it worked. Anyhoo back to my story. When our parents decided to hang out and do goofy stuff together (go on drives, visit odd old relatives etc) The Cousin and I always had HOMEWORK to do. Both of us went to Catholic schools who took great delight in ruining the weekend by assigning homework. So our parents never argued about us staying home while they went out and sometimes they even gave us money for pizza or my dad gave me money for us. The Cousin had a VCR and I didn't (sad so sad feel sorry for me and my technology backwards parents) so we usually stayed at The Cousin's house. She had the VCR after all. We would whine until her dad took us to Blockbusters so we could rent movies, to watch after we got done with our homework.

Wanna know what we rented??

Those cheesy 80's dance movies. You know the ones where kids from the wrong side of the tracks would try to prove themselves and get the cute rich girl by busting a move at some dance off and making the rich white guy look stupid 'cause he can't dance? I can't tell you how many of those movies we saw and how many bad rappers starred in them. We would spread out our books on the floor and surround ourselves with enough junk food to feed a third world country and settle in for two hours of the worst acting in the history of Hollywood. We would try out new hairstyles that required a gallon of that Salon Selectives hairspray that smelled like apples. Sometimes I feel like we should write a formal apology to the world because I truly think we made that hole in the ozone. We would even do homework in between dancing scenes. Our favorite junk food was/is chips and dip and soda. Our parents didn't buy a lot of soda so naturally when we got we tended to drink enough to float a battleship. My Cousin could even do impressive burps after she slammed a glass of Pepsi:) We were such ladies. Impressive and smelly don't forget we were also eating french onion dip.

Sadly I really want to see that new movie where those kids dance and one of them is from the wrong side of the tracks and the girl is a ballet dancer.

I think when she comes home for my wedding we should rent that movie and do each other's hair and eat chips and dip.
Sad fact: I still have homework.

Go read my friend Tracy's blog http://tray-read.blogspot.com

While I am writing about smelly french onion burps she is out saving the world. Plus she used to work with me at the agency and I miss her lots and lots.

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