Sunday, August 13, 2006

What is new and exciting

Ok so I have been a big ol bum for not updating but ya know life gets in the way of fun stuff sometimes. So I am giving you a brief summary of what is going on with The Duchess

1. Scrapbook girl has approved the stamp choices I have made for the candy bags:)
2. She is also going to add to the collection
3. I have bought most of the flowers for the wedding
4. I have embraced color in a big way and thank God that my aunt is keeping me in check because I am loving all of the fall colors.
5. Sad news: Jack lost her mom earlier this month and that just sucked. Her mom was a lovely lady with lots of class and a great sense of humor. Also? The woman embraced the BLING in a classy way. Not in a Puff Daddy way but more of a Jackie O kind of way. Jack resembles her mom in a lot of ways they both have BIG perfect SMILES. From the stories that I have heard lately about her they had the same way of being a good friend while telling you to get your head out of your bum while making you feel loved. That is a gift.
6. Another friend is in the hospital and we have no idea when he is getting out which stinks
7. i start my new job on Wednesday
8. The Man has put up with a lot this past month and I still thank God for him every day
9. I feel really stressed
10. School starts the day after Labor Day
11. Ohio Momma is letting me wear her pearls on the wedding day:)
12. The Cousins new job prevents her from having personal calls and she still works too many hours and don't her bosses understand that I don't function well without talking to her? HELLO YAHOOS SHE NEEDS TO HELP ME PLAN THIS WEDDING SHE CAN'T WORK MORE THAN 40 HOURS!!! Damn people work with me here. I guess I shouldn't complain because her job pays her money which in turn she uses to buy plane tickets to Michigan.
13. My butt is numb
14. I now have cable internet service which is better than chocolate!
15. I want to be married NOW
16. I have decided to hyphenate (is that spelled right?) my name. So after 10-06-07 I will be Duchess V. Hispaniclastname-Germanlastname. K-Pooh told me that is sounds like a good cookie. I fear that I will have to order checks for sight impaired since I have HUGE handwriting and now I will have a HUGE last name.
17. The Man feels that its my choice however he doesn't think it sounds good together. I am torn because I want his last name but I LOVE my last name and I have had it for 34 years and its pretty. I feel that the hyphenate thing is the road for me. Watch me change my mind when I have kids.
18. I am so behind with my reports my supervisor may try to sell me on Ebay.
19. I am going to bed now so there!

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