Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Point is she was ill

So yesterday I hung out with K-pooh and The Girls (AKA: laverne and shirley).

Laverne was WHINY Oh Lord was she whiny. She complained about her eye hurting and being cold and not wanting to go over the bridge because its scary and the earth was spinning too fast and oh make it stop.

Shirley just didn't want to go over the bridge either because it was scary and her sister was cold and her eye hurt and can she please have a cookie and maybe some juice?

We specifically went to a play place for them to play while we ate cookies and drank coffee. That was the plan. In reality we had more fun that Laverne and Shirley because we ended up having to climb on everything to entice the girls to play. At least that was the excuse we gave the people for laughing like loons as the girls stood there watching us.

Anyhoo Laverne kept complaining about her eye and in truth it was red and dry looking so I told her she was allergic to something and she was having a reaction. She said quite emphatically "NO" then she complained some more about being cold and she was pulling on her eye lid to see if it would come off or something. So we kept going back and forth about her having allergies. I thought she did and she was just as certain that she didn't. We pretty much argued the ENTIRE way home. I pointed out that her eyes were red and she was all stuffy and thick snotty sounding so yes she does have allergies. She kept pointing out that she was cold and no she refuses to have allergies so there she doesn't have allergies.

Well we get home and K-Pooh went into Mom mode and took Lavernes temperature. Great Mother Earth it was over 103*. So now we both felt bad for getting frustrated with her for being cold and whiny. Poor munchkin had a reason to be cold and whiny.

However the point was that I was able to argue with a four year old from Canton to Westland.
I think I won too:)

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Anonymous said...

And yet somehow, she was perfectly okay the next day. Of course, she will deny even having a fever. I told her the next morning that she woke up and started talking to a wall and that was how sick she was. She denied it and claimed that she was just talking to herself, and not the wall! yeah...whatever.

Shirley wants to know when she can share cookies with you again, Auntie :-)