Monday, October 16, 2006


That is a fun site. I love bubble wrap. I think it all started when I worked at B. Dalton when I was in high school. It used to annoy my boss Alvin when we would get a shipment of books and all of us would start popping the bubble wrap.

Sometimes I miss B. Dalton. Sometimes I think I would still work there if Alvin was there. It wasn't as fun after he left. The Cousin, Oatmeally and I worked there for a couple of years. Life was so much simpler then.

The Smart Girl was in town this weekend. We dragged her to a bridal show. She is 3. She was a good girl but you could tell she was getting bored. That was ok since I was also getting bored:)

Have homework
Lots of homework.

The Man is going to New York this weekend with his dad to visit his brother who is finishing up his graduate degree in photography. I get to hang out at the house and do homework.

Did I mention the homeework?

Did I ever tell you that I love comments? Well I do so feel free to comment away:)

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Ohio mama said...

MASTERS DEGREE !! MASTERS! Please, please let him graduate soon so he can get out of Rochester and come home....but only briefly. xxoo