Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why I love my cousin

Yesterday K-Pooh and Oatmeally tried on bridemaids dresses*. There is a large bridal store across the street from my apartment which looks like it has a lot to offer.

Not so much.

They tried on quite a few dresses and none of them were total "OH MY GOD THATS IT!!!" dresses. One was not so bad and they did look good in it but it was long and I wanted cocktail length.

The main problem for me was the color. I have a very particular color of RED in my mind. This is something I am not going to compromise on. I have always wanted beautiful red dresses for my bridesmaids and I have always wanted to get married at the church that my parents got married in.

I HAD to compromise on the second. I will damned if I compromise on the first.

So there.

Last night I was bummed and I sent out an email to my lovely posse and I told them how rotten the experience was and that I was discouraged.

This morining I got 13 emails. One was from my cousin in Maryland and it was damn funny:-) The other 12 were from The Cousin with links for beautiful red dresses! She sent dresses from two different designers and one store in Plymouth carries both so we are going there next week.

She is New Jersey and she still manages to make everything all right for me in Michigan.

This is why she is the matron of honor.

***** The highlight of the evening was when K-pooh and Oatmeally danced down the aisle of the bridal shop to see if they can get their groove on in the dress. Did I mention K-Pooh was barefoot and Oatmeally had on socks and there was NO music? They are crazy and I would be lost without them.

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trayread said...

i agree. don't comprimise on the color.
and although i am not in your head and couldn't possibly know the exact color of red you want, i THINK i do.
and nothing else will suffice.
the wedding will be fabulous.
i love that you are having red bridesmaids dresses.
i love that you have a year round valentine colored cubical.
i love you!
miss you!