Monday, November 20, 2006

Dear Lord, I am really getting married

My mom and I went shopping on Saturday for wedding gowns.

Holy Mother Mary I have a WEDDING DRESS!!!!

Its Beautiful!
My mom always had this thing that she only wanted me and her to go shopping for my dress. No one else, no bridesmaids or anyone. So Saturday was the day:-)

We walked in Eva's Bridal store and I asked the sales lady if she had these certain style of dresses and out of the eight she had ZERO. She asked what was so special about that particular designer that I HAD to have one of her dresses. I told she carried dresses with sleeves. She was all "Well we have dresses with sleeves" and she started taking dresses off the rack. I went looking and I found some too. My mom doesn't move too well with her cane so she was walking really slowly just looking at the dresses trying not cry. I walked by her to tell her that I was going to start trying on dresses and she handed me one and said "Here add this one to your hook" I just tossed it up on my dress hook as I went pass it on my way to grab a room with a chair.

We had a small fitting room which was so funny. I don't do well in small fitting rooms in the best of times when I am trying on a sweater or something let alone a HUGE dress with my mom sitting in the corner. First of all, I had trouble getting the first dress out of the bag it was heavy and long. I had to kind of toss it over my shoulder and back away from the bag to get it out. Then I tried to put it on without unzipping it all the way. See not so smart sometimes. Anyway that dress was OK not great. I hate those sleeves that go over the top of your hand. I know it would just bug me all day that something was on my hand. Also I don't have really long elegant hands so it wouldn't look right anyway. The sales lady laughed at me because I was having trouble getting the dress off. She just whipped it over my head and slipped it on the hanger like it was a t-shirt. I knocked off my mom's glasses and bopped her across the head trying to get my big melon through the dress, waving my arms like a fool and she made it look so simple. As I emerged from the netting and miles of dress material I noticed that the curtain was open and I was standing there in pink panties and a white bra. Oh well, at least they were clean and my legs were shaved. The second dress was better but mom didn't like it since it had short sleeves. The third dress was not so cool either. I am short waisted so the waist part was right under my boobies and it looked odd

The fourth dress. That was the magic dress.

It went on very easy and I looked down and then I looked in the mirror then I said "this is my dress". My mom was crying and she said I looked beautiful.

That was the dress she picked.

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