Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well hello there

Yeah its been pretty sparse around here but once again this life nonsense got in the way of fun stuff like blogging.
I have been so busy my nails aren't even painted.

School will be done in a couple of weeks. Thank you Lord.
The Cousin will be here in 17 days
I have made a dent in the reports that I have to do before the end of the year:)

I have been looking at invitations and I found some really nice red ones. Seriously if The Man likes them I think we will be ordering them. They are very unique looking and I like unique.

Today at work we were talking about morals. Why such a talk? Well one of my co-workers was ordered by the court to help this fifteen year old foster child get an abortion. Ordered her. I think I would have to say that I would state on the record that I would not be able to help her murder her innocent child. Everyone thought it was because I am Catholic and in part yes that does play a part in my belief that abortion is wrong. But putting religion aside and abortion is one of the few things that Jews, Catholics and Protestants agree on, its just wrong very wrong. There are too many options available now a days to make abortion a viable choice. Adoption anyone? Yeah I am pro-adoption given the fact that I am an adoption worker:-) But there are too many people out there who are desparate for a child to raise and love to make even thinking about abortion crazy.
Now I am getting off my soap box.

I have a digital camera and hell if I know how to load the pictures on my lovely blog. Oye!

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