Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I *heart* Christmas

I truly love Christmas. I can't wait until we have kids:)

It was a good holiday despite the fact that my big present was a freakin' alternator for my poopey car. Then The Man's car started acting funny so that was a big bummer however we got through the excitement and we made it to Ohio for Christmas.

Did I ever tell you that the Ohio Momma is a great cook? Well she is and she is a better baker. Dudes I seriously ate the majority of the cookies that she had on the table and did I mention the homemade gummy candy? Yeah ate the weight of my purse in gummy candy. OYE it was lovely.


I have a picture of the Smart Girl by The Man which was the Christmas miracle in my family. Oh this is funny. I walked into the TV room because I saw the Smart Girl standing in front of the TV making gestures of annoyance at the screen. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm waiting for the scores" in a total DUH tone of voice. Yep she is 4.

I will post pictures later. I have a lovely one of the Cousin on Christmas Day:-)

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