Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just sitting and thinking

This was a lovely weekend.


No seriously we got Chinese for dinner and that was it! I got a ton of laundry done and we watched Netflix dvd's and "A Mighty Wind" and it was great.

Next weekend?

We will be busy. We are going to check out the cake lady and hopefully order the cake. I am also going to try and bribe The Man into going to Macy's and then to Bed Bath and Beyond to check out the stuff we need and maybe by the grace of all that is good and holy we will register. Oh and on Thursday we (the bridesmaids) are going to look at dresses. I have also checked out some places for the rehersal dinner for the Ohio Momma and I have to send her that info so they can make a decision.

I think we are going to order the invitations on Monday.

We are trucking along very nicely if I do say so myself.

Poor Oatmeally with all of the wedding drama that has taken place lately she has been quite the rock of reason and logic. Yeah those are two of my weak points:-) Its good to have a friend that knows you well enough to know when to push you and when to back off and let you make your own decisions in your own time. Ya know? That is the joy of having a bestest friend, one who has stood by you for the last twenty years. Actually I think she is going for sainthood or our friendship may be some type of endurance test for NASA or something:-D

I saw Scrapbook Girl today and she gave me the stuff I ordered from her scrapbook type show. I ordered a stamp with Love and our names on it and some cool red paper for our programs. I can't wait until we start making them and stamping our candy bags for the reception.

Actually I can't wait to see my posse try on dresses. K-Pooh may not be able to get her dancing groove on with Oatmeally since the store is tiny compared to the warehouse type one we went to in the fall. Never mind she will find a way and the whole store will be dancing with her like in the Drew Carey Show opening credits. Maybe she will start a conga line or something:-)


Love you all

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, my dear, K-pooh shall get her groove on wherever the feeling strikes :-)