Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was a wedding weekend. My mom and I got our hair cut on Saturday. I got three inches cut off and I think I am going to color my hair next time. Damn those gray hairs! I also got my eyebrow mowed so that was nice. After our hair we went to order my mom's dress for the wedding. Its really pretty and I helped pick it out so its not old lady"ish". Then we went to a wedding store on the east side. I was looking for a veil, cake topper, unity candle, guest book and pen. I bought the unity candle, guest book and pen. I made some fast decisions and The Man liked what I bought so all was good:-)
Mom bought my veil and the lace on the edge of veil is an almost perfect match to lace on my wedding dress sleeves. HOT DAMN! Its a beautiful veil and its perfect. PERFECT I tell you!! Oh and I got my ring out of layaway. Yeah I know Scrapbook Girl, I put it in before the holidays but whatever its mine NOW! It took me awhile to get it out of hock and the sad thing is: it wasn't because of money. Time got away from me.
On Sunday my aunt, uncle, mom and me went to a craft store by Ohio. I got the stuff for the table centerpieces and other wedding "stuff". It was a good weekend:-D

Oh I also got some stuff for our programs.

School is going well and I think we are going to have a snow day on Wednesday. I brought work home with me so I won't feel guilty if I stay home. Yeah I am boring. Happy but boring.

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Anonymous said...

Girl, tell me about gray hairs! Don't you dare color that beautiful hair of yours! @#%$%^.
Now, Matt on the other hand....he must take after me. love, OhioMama