Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lazy Day

I am home today with bum problems. Oye the bum he is not happy. Yeah I think my bum is a man, odd eh?
Anyway I am having some cheese (yumm cheeeessee) and crackers. My mom and I bought the cheese from Target. Its not Target cheese its really name brand cheese. Why do I feel that my cheese has to be name brand? Anyway I am pondering the choice of cheese. My cheese is a special type of cheese. Its already sliced to fit perfectly on the cracker. I don't have to cut it or pull a chunk off the cheese brick. Nope its already pre-cut.

Yes, Viriginia, I am that lazy.

I am too busy or too lazy to cut my own cheese (HAHAHAHAHA, get it? CUT THE CHEESE?!) so I have to buy expensive precut cheese.

The Man is right.

I am too silly for words.

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