Friday, February 23, 2007

Sick very sickerdoodles

Umm hi

I have a viral infection.

The good news: I am sick but still able to shop online for the wedding

The bad news: I am home sick and I can't stay awake very long. My throat is really sore too. I still keep talking because I am nothing if not a very determined goober.

The icky news: The snot coming out of my nose is multicolored. Seriously we have brown, yellow and some greeen with strands of bright red. Its festive. There is a party in my nose.

I have bought for the wedding of The Man and The Duchess:

The cake topper
The bookmarks
The cake knife and server doo-dad


Its nap time AGAIN and I just wish I had been invited to the party in my nose because its seems to be a real kegger:-)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I am sorry you are so sick but I have to laugh my butt off at the way you wrote about it. Please get better soon angel feet. K-Pooh