Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Urgent Care fun and games

Well hello there!

Guess what we did last night.....

C'mon guess.....

Nope we did not party like rock stars.

Two more guesses.......

Nope we did not register for wedding gifts.

One more guess.......

Nope we didn't get matching tattoos. Thats next week (HI Ohio Momma just kidding we got those months ago!!) HA HA HA

Give up?

We went to TWO Urgent Cares last night. The one I go to doesn't accept The Man's insurance and the one he goes to doesn't accept my insurance. OYE the joy.

Anyhoo we both have bronchitis and I am experiencing a flare up of my asthma. I had 3 Rx's and The Man had one.

We go back to work on Thursday. I have not been to work this week. I will be so behind in reports and other nonsense.

I will have to work late on both days. Oh wait I go to WW on Thursday. Great I will have to work late on Friday. Poop Poop.


Love ya all

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Ohio Momma said...

I wish there was some way that I could mail homemade chicken soup to both of you. (the kind with handmade noodles)Prayer for swift recoveries for both of you. xxooxx