Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Child Part 2

Just a quick update on the child that I wrote about two weeks ago.

She was devastated to the point that when she came in on Wednesday for her appointment with the psychiatrist for her monthly med review her foster parent had taken the day off to talk to the psychiatrist. Normally the foster parents just have to be available by phone to answer any questions that the psychiatrist may have regarding any changes in the child's behavior that could be related to the medication.
Anyhoo, the foster parent was so concerned about the child that she took the day off and met with the doctor who in turn was so concerned about the change in the child that she called the therapist twice at home to discuss the radical change in the child.
They did not increase her meds however the psychiatrist is now going to see her every two weeks for at least two months to monitor any more changes in the childs behavior.

When the child came to the agency to see her therapist they went to Mickey D's and a park to talk about the foolishness of certain adults and how what happened had nothing to do with the child herself. Then the therapist brought the child into our office and my co-worker told the child that it was our fault and we made a bad choice. She, the co-worker, gave her a hug and told her that I would see her soon and that I would be happy to watch another movie with her.

I will do so with pleasure and I will bring the popcorn.

Now the couple that started all of this nonsense really have no clue what they did. Honestly my supervisor and co-worker have spoken to them and they remain firm in their belief that they did nothing wrong. She is "only" a child she will be ok. This is raising screaming red flags to the agency. Hello they are trying to adopt a child and they are acting like chuckle heads. The agency's viewpoint is that the adoption process is about the kid. we are trying to find forever families for our children. we are not trying to find perfect children for adults that want to fulfill a desire for a family. Bottom line the adoption process is about the child not the adults. My co-worker had to add a paragraph or two about this visit to the couple's home study. In not so many words we are letting other agencys know that this family is not ready to adopt and we have in not so many words made sure that this home study will raise red flags for any other agency that will read it and they will learn from our mistake and they will proceed with caution in dealing with this family.

This family has no idea that they have pissed off one of the largest adoption agencys in this state.
They have no idea how seriously we take our duty to these children.
They have no idea that if they had said "Sorry it was our fault" this would have been dealt with differently.

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