Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have pictures of my mom's birthday gathering which I will post as soon as I get my camera back from work. Don't ask.
I have had a bad week.
Now I know I am one for being dramatic but really this week? Made me feel like there is no hope for any kid in foster care and hell if any of them will ever get adopted. I was kicked in the ass, thrown out of a speeding car, ran over and left for road kill.

That actualy may be a understatement.

Many tears have been shed.
Many times The Man has had to send encouraging emails.
Many times I have questioned why I do this crap job.
Many times I have written my letter of resignation only to rip it up because I need health insurance.

The only bright spot is The Man and the fact that the Cousin is coming into town. She has a way of listening, nodding in agreement and then telling me to get my head out of my ass and move on.

***** Today I was in class and we heard a scream. Not a long scream, no pops or anything followed the scream it was just a scream. The prof went into the hall and met another prof in the hall. The second prof called campus security since she did not have a class in session. The entire campus security team responded (sound impressive eh? Yeah it would be except this is a small school so we are talking 3 rent a cops who look scary but come on). It turned out to be nothing to be concerned about according to the nice security dude. Can you say jumpy?

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