Friday, April 13, 2007

Crazy times call for bullet points

My life and random thoughts

* My mom is not going to move until November (YAY)
* We are throwing my mom a surprise 60th b-day party this Saturday (STRESS)
* My supervisors last day is the 27th of this month (SAD)
* The Cousin is coming into town on the 27th (HAPPY)
* I haven't been able to get in touch with my dad this week (Wondering if everything is ok 'cause hell knows they wouldn't call me if it wasn't ok)
* Work is killing me. I have another two damn days of training next week after two days of damn training this week (HELP I AM DROWNING)
* I really want to be married right now. I just want my dirty laundry to live in one place (WAITING)
* I am nervous that The Man will have a heart attack when he sees all of my shoes and purses (HEE HEE)

Oye I have to round up the wedding posse and get them measured for the final time and shoes and hair oh hair that reminds me.
So I go to this salon and they have a WEDDING CONTRACT that they like their brides to sign since they have to basically close the salon for BIG weddings. No problem. I asked who wants their hair and make-up did (thank you Missy Elliot) and Scrapbook Girl, BunnyButt,K-Pooh and My Aunt all said yeah they would be interested. Oatmeally so does not have a choice and The Cousin will probably get her hair done too however not the point of this rant. Each one of them after saying yes asked how much. See smart wedding posse. I go back to the salon and they won't give me a straight answer. "It depends" on what? The number of people. I just gave you the number. Round and round and round.
By all that is good and holy I will get a straight answer!!

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trayread said...

quit and join the peace corps with the Man!
then you get to play with kids all day.
i used to freak out thinking that there was soooo much more i should be doing here...
but now i'm cool with the fact that my days consist of teaching english songs to kindergardeners, english to really motivated 12th graders, playing frisbee and baseball with 6th and 7th graders and teaching jewelry to all ages.
once i got the whole "chill out" thing down i really can't believe how great life is.

come to the peace corps.
get rid of all your foster care worries!