Thursday, April 05, 2007


Another kid story.
Last year I was the Foster Care Worker on a nasty sexual abuse permanent custody trial. It was still PS's case however I had to testify about one of the kids. There were five children. The youngest refers to herself as Princess HerName. If fact if she is wearing her crown and you don't call her Princess then she won't acknowledge you. Its cute. She has beautiful curly brown hair and huge eyes and a BIG smile.

Anyhoo her parent's rights were termintated and her father is going to be in jail for a very long time. Her foster parents are GREAT. A young couple full of energy and life. The foster father was adopted through the Agency in the early 90's. The parents are very into their faith and you could tell that Princess was not a foster kid she was their kid. In fact, oddly enough Princess only refered to her biological parents by their first names never by Mom and Dad. Her first foster family were Aunt and Uncle never Mom and Dad. She gets into this foster family's home and they were Mom and Dad by that weekend.

Well when PC came the foster parents said that they wanted to adopt. Of course they did Princess was in the family to stay. There were many relatives from the biological family that came forward and NONE of them were appropriate. So the adoption dragged on and on.

The foster father had cancer when he was in his early twenties. While the trial was going on the cancer came back. The Agency helped plan a bone marrow drive. It didn't help. The foster father went through another round of chemo because he HAD to do everything that he could so he could be there for Princess and his wife who was also his high school sweetheart. The doctor let him go through that last round of chemo even though he was beyond medical help.

He was fading fast and he was in constant pain even though he was receiving the strongest painkillers available around the clock. His wife prayed that if God wasn't going to heal him then to please take him because he was fighting so hard and he was in such pain that he was crying even though he wasn't conscious.

God listened
God answered
He took him home

Princess was at the funeral home and she ran up to us and she told us to smile at the sky when we left because her daddy was in Heaven watching her and mommy and teaching Jesus how to ride a motorcycle.

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