Tuesday, March 27, 2007



I live with my mom in an apartment. Its a nice two bedroom with a walk in closet apartment and sometimes we even have hot water in the morning. Yeah wondering why I am mentioning this? The lease expires in May. I am getting married in October. My mom wants to move into a one bedroom apartment and that makes sense. So where does that leave me? Well I have options
1. My mom doesn't sign a lease and we continue to live here on a month to month basis
2. My mom gets the one bedroom apartment that she wants and I sleep on the couch and move the majority of my stuff including furniture to The Man's house.
3. Move in with Oatmeally and buy a futon and move the majority of my stuff to The Man's house.
4. Live in my car

What is not an option is moving in with The Man. Now seriously I am not judging you if you live with your significant other so don't get mad. I just feel thats its not right for me or The Man. My parents, divorced as they are, have always taught me that you don't live with a man until he is as my dad put it "paying your credit card bill" which was Stinky code for married. The Man's parents are even more vocal than my parents on the subject and the Ohio Momma has sent me an article from one her Catholic sites stating all the reasons that living with your significant other is wrong. She also sent the same article to the Man because she is known for being subtle, it was around the time that The Man bought the house:-D My mom, on the other hand, is even more subtle telling me that ITS WRONG AND BY GOD SHE RAISED ME RIGHT. I typed in caps because she tends to type in caps for the hearing impaired:-D

Also my feeling is this: I am going to be 34 next month and I have never lived with a guy ever and I don' have any children and so far I am doing this life thing in the order that I feel it should be done in so why do things all wonky now?

With any of the options I still have to pack and move my life over to The Man's house and that thought makes me want to nap.

Also, Scrapbook Girl bought a new purse and its DESIGNER and its BIG. I am so damn proud of her:-D


Lisagh said...

Just a suggestion (and please if I'm being too forward, tell me to SHAAADDDUUUP!): Why not find a place of your own to sublet for the 6 months? True you've been doing things "in order" up until now, but you haven't mentioned actually living alone. It's definitely a life experience that I think gives a person a perspective that is invaluable. And you don't want to ever feel like you missed out on going it solo for a while.

Anyway, just a 5th option to your list.

Good luck and I definitely admire your values.

STL Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment about the Mass. I really appreciated it. And I agree that it's definitely a good move to not live together, but I'm old school that way.