Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am so not up for Constant Blogger of the year!

Hola Peeps,

Work is a pain in my butt. I have a new supervisor who is wonderful however now I have more contact with the COO who is a royal pain in the ass. Pompous on top of it too. Shorter than me and my thigh? Weighs more than he does.

School is a pain in the butt too. I do enjoy my two classes though. So eh.

The Wedding? Umm progressing nicely. I have my shoes, a cake topper that I love, my garter. OH wait wanna read something damn amusing?? Ok, my wedding posse knows that I *HEART* knock off purses. Seriously the last time that I visited the Cousin I went into an abandoned warehouse to purse illegal Coach. She told her dad that she stayed outside but she made a mental note of what I wearing in case she had to call the Police LOLOLOL. I saw nothing unsafe in my quest for the perfect knockoff. The Man on the other hand was not amused by the fact that I put myself in danger to get a purse. I also *heart* those street vendors in New York who sell purses, books, kidneys, hotdogs, etc. So my Cousin calls me and tell me that she bought my wedding purse! From a street vendor in NEW YORK. LOVE HER!!!!

Oh and ScrapbookGIrl, K-Pooh (maybe depends on Laverne and Shirley) and Oatmeally and I are going to put moolah down on their dresses and get remeasured. YAY! I think we are getting the shoes from the store that Smart Girl got her dress and crown and slip from:-)

Fun times today: I went outside to go get breakfast for mom and my car is not starting. I found a website that has "does your car make this sound" help and it sounds like my starter. I assume its dirt cheap because G-d knows that I don't have the money to throw around on stupid car parts right now. Right?

If anyone tells me that I need a new car, they better have plans on buying me one or else I'll........beat them about the head with a wet noodle. So there!! The Man and I are planning on that expense AFTER the wedding not before if we can at all help it.

Love you all

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