Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wedding Update

I am home sick today. I didn't go to Mass with The Man. I just feel off and I don't have any sick time at work so I am trying to stay quiet today and just be a couch french fry.

I am working on the wedding "stuff". My professor for my first class did not assign any reading so I am feeling all sassy this weekend:-D

Saturday we watched the Smart Girl and The Boys for the whole day. The Cousin was the Matron of Honor at her best friend's wedding. Figures we get married in the same year doesn't it? Anyhoo we went to the ceremony and it was really nice. I have hung out with the Bride at various functions for The Cousin so it was nice to see her get married. She had very colorfull flowers and Lord knows I *heart* colors:-D It was funny she has a great laugh and we kept hearing her laugh as we were waiting for the ceremony to begin and then she laughed with her dad right before they walked down the aisle:-D It was nice but DAMN it took us FOREVER to get to the Church. In the first place it was far away and in the second place we hit construction right after we got off the expressway. OYE

I am working on the wedding programs. Its 6 pages so far and I did not put the order of the Mass in there yet. I don't think I am since both of our families are Catholic and the friends that are not Catholic have gone to enough Catholic weddings to follow along. So what do you think?

I got really cool paper at this awesome wedding paper place. I can't wait to use it. Oh this is funny. We went into the paper place and the three boys got bored so they went walking and the Smart Girl and I stayed and spent money. Anyhoo I kept telling her not to touch anything that if she wanted to see something then I would get it for her. She was golden. I on the other hand? Pulled an entire paper display down on my fool head. Yeah clearly I just left my double wide to hang with the rich folk!!

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