Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wedding update

I think its getting to be crunch time for the wedding. I am out of school for a month and my plan is to get A LOT done before school starts the Tuesday after Labor Day. My list of stuff to do before school starts again:

Finish the thank you cards from my shower on the 19th
Start, if not finish the wedding programs
Buy or at least have a clue the wedding gifts for the wedding party
Schedule hair and make-up
Reserve hotel rooms for us and the wedding guests who want them
Move more of my stuff to the house

The goody bags are being stamped after the shower by me and my lovely bridesmaids and whoever else wants to help. Scrapbook Girl is having a book show so I can order my paper in bulk. I feel panicky but I think I have it all under control...maybe. We are meeting with the priest on Tuesday so we can plan the Mass and find out what they expect for the alter flowers. I also need to find out when we can get into the Church to decorate and what time the rehersal will be and then get together with the Ohio Parents to find out what we are doing for the dinner after the rehersal.


Hey I got my grades for the summer semester

I have the wedding invite list put together for the person addressing them and I am missing addresses and I am getting frustrated. Oh well it is what it is. I have to give her the list and envelopes on Monday. OY again

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