Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Oatmeally

In 1987 I started high school. I was terrified that I would not fit in and that I would lose my grade school friends and no one would like me. I started having nightmares about high school in July and my mom kept telling me that it would all be ok and I would have friends and life would be great. Yeah umm she lied. I hated my first few weeks of high school with the passion of seven levels of Hell. I wanted to quit school or at least transfer to the high school that The Cousin would be going to in 1988. I was dreading 3 more years of this nonsense and I honestly didn't think I would make it. That is until I started talking to this chick in second hour World History.

She was quiet and she blushed a bright red when she speaking to you and she spoke very softly. I then started looking forward to 2nd hour. I had a friend for one class at least. Then I noticed she was in my gym class. YAY another hour with a friend! We started talking more and more. She listened to me ramble about that kid in our 2nd hour and how funny it ws that his last name was close to the spanish word for shoes and wasn't he cute? She was sorry that I had to share my locker with a smoker and she laughed when I told her my mom went through my purse (ESPIRIT moonpie purse 'cause thats I how I rolled back then) for my "smokes" because she read in Readers Digest that kids thought smoking was cool. I had a friend to eat lunch with and that was cool. We then hung out more and more. She came to my house and I went to her house. I rode the bus for the very first time with her and she damn near died of laughter when I called my mom freaking out because there were strange people on the bus and I had no idea where I was. She went to her bedroom to get a game and she was gone for 20 minutes leaving me to talk to her younger brother and when I went into her room to find out if she had left or was kidnapped and nope nothing like that; she was sound asleep on her waterbed. That was our first sleep over and it was so not our last thank you very much! By the end of the first semester we were friends. By the end of Freshman year we were bestest friends.By 10th grade everyone knew us as DeeandTina one word. To this day people automatically assume that if they tell one of us something then the other knows. We had a nervous breakdown when her mom decided to move to Redford because we thought she would have change schools. So we plotted and whined and cried and she got to finish school with me.

We had fights
We had sleep overs
We went through Drivers Ed together. I was not there the day she learned how to make left turns!
We cried together
We shopped
We doubled for Prom. She made her dress and she was finishing it as we were pulling into the driveway.

For Homecoming senior year we went shopping together as usual. We went into a really nice shop ('cause I had daddy's credit card) and I tried on a dress backwards because I didn't think it could be that low in the front. She pointed out that it looked funny and the saleslady with a voice dripping of scorn pointed out that the tag goes in the back dear. Hmm so I put the dress on the right way and realized that hell would freeze over before dad would ever allow me to buy such a dress. She held me when my first big crush dumped me right before prom. She went on to marry him but that is another story.

We cried at graduation because we were going to different schools and we would not see each other as much. My phone bill is proof that we still talked a lot!

We survived my 10 year quest for a four year degree. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders. In her eyes I am smart enough, pretty enough and damn anyone who says differently.

I held her when her husband left her with two kids, no money, a leaking roof and no job. I offered to have a contract put out on him (silly because Mexicans do that type of stuff themselves we don't contract).

She talked me off the ledge when my dad had a heart attack and married my stepmother. Equally distressing times.

She held me when my first adult relationship dumped me over the phone on Sweetest Day.

She understands the bad date eggroll rule.

She worries more about my colitis than I do.

She laughs at my jokes.

She understands that Oreos is my drug of choice.

She bugged (nagged really) me about my smoking so bad that I only smoked for one summer.

We have the 24 hour head up your ass rule for distressing times. Although I gave her 48 hours when WonderBoy left her.

She is protective of me. Just ask The Man.

When I started dating The Man she was a bit standoffish with him. She knows that I throw myself into relationships with everything I have and she has had to pick up the pieces. So she hung back and watched and waited and when she decided that he wasn't so bad she relaxed and now? She is happy for me!

She is exempt from the "don't tell anyone" rule because everyone knows that I tell her everything. She forgets half of it so don't worry about her blabbing:-D

We finish each other's sentences. She knows how I order my food. I know what she eats and doesn't eat. She is picky!

She is the ONLY one that can make fun of my Latina bum. Yes that includes The Man.

We can give a look and know exactly what it means.

She has been dragged on more wedding related errands than should be legally allowed.

She speaks her mind without fear.

She is stronger than she realizes

She is more beautiful than she realizes

She loves with her whole heart and soul.

She knows she is my rock.

She would walk through hell for her kids and me. I would walk through hell for her and the boogers.

She is my bestest friend and I love her

Bestest friends forever and ever and ever.

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Jonathon Morgan said...

i love friends like that. they're so hard to come by. you're lucky!