Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am super busy so I am going to take the lamebutt approach for an update.

** I am done with the Thank You cards for my side and The Man's side will be done by Friday if all goes well

** I felt myself getting sick on Thanksgiving and yep it got worse on Friday and Saturday I didn't even shower

** We had to buy a new washing machine on Sunday because ours done broke itself!! But don't worry that money tree we have in the backyard is thriving:-D

** We had a small party for the Smart Girl on Friday and I felt like poopey but I still had fun

** I was asked out on a date by a file clerk at Court. He is a bit mentally challenged and it was cute. However for more proof that I have a sick mind I had the thought that this may explain why we are always missing files at that court:-p

** Oy I still feel like poop and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow because I am experiencing frequent and unexpected gooshing bloody noses. Yes it makes me look sexy however I am running out of spot remover so what the heck I'll go to the doctor and maybe The Man will stop asking me if I called the her!!


suburban prep said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

You are a sexy mama. No wonder the man asked you out :-)