Sunday, December 02, 2007

the Weekend

So its Sunday night and I have been getting a bit down on Sunday nights. I love being home with The Man and the zoo and the thought of having to go back to work gets me a bit down. Also I hate driving in poopey weather and we had snow and ice over Saturday night and its raining right now. I am not looking forward to Monday;-(

I am feeling better and for the most part my nose is not spurting blood all over the place. I just hate using the nose spray.

We went Christmas shopping on Saturday and I got Loko PuppBoy a new bed. He looks so cute all curled up and cozy in it.

I spent two hours doing homework and thank G-d The Man is good at math. I hate statistics and that is what my hell class is all about. Oy

I love my car which on the title is classified as a station wagon which depresses me but at least The Man can say he doens't own part of a SUV.

He made chili this weekend and its so good. I love it when he cooks! He loves to cook and I will clean up. The house is coming along and now we have a new project. The washer was delivered today and they couldn't hook it up since something was rusted they didn't want to force it so The Man has to buy WD40 and soak it. He is so thrilled since he hates doing home repairs and it looks like we need to do a lot of plumbing.

Wow I can ramble with the best of them:-D

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