Friday, December 14, 2007


Wednesday was a crazy day for the duchess.
I left work without my purse. I didn't realize this until I got to school. I do not work close to home or school.
This would not be a problem except I had a large amount of money in my purse and I had to pick up The Man from the airport and I thought maybe having a piece of id would be helpful. So I asked a co-worker/friend to bring the purse to her church so I could pick it up.

So after class I sped my way to her church, grabbed the purse and then flew like the wind to the airport.

The Man was only waiting for me for 5 minutes!!

I was so excited to see him that I actually clapped in the car.

Yep The Queen of dorks that would be me:-D

I am just glad he is home.

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