Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where it all gets better because I found alcohol.


So the week did get better....somewhat. Its still not unicorns and cotton candy but its also not hand me the razor and get out of that bathroom and remember the Cousin gets my purses.

I got a new cell phone same number (YAY) but I still have to add everyone back in my cell phone because those dirty bums stole my contacts:-(

The Cousin updated my resume and gosh it was a lot easier now that I actually have experience and we aren't trying to make a receptionist job sound like it could relate to clinical intervention.

They hired someone THAT morning for the job I wanted BUT and its a big "but" much like my own, one of the supervisors called me and told me that there may be another job in the works. So I gave her my availability and she will call me back after she talks to the big boss.

I spoke to my supervisor and basically it IS my schedule and nothing else. So I feel better that it wasn't just an excuse and she wasn't happy about my work or something. Of course since the little man in charge does not like me he won't entertain the notion of trying to work with me. ARGH!! My supervisor knew that I was going to quit and not drop out of school so she did try to convience the little man that I was making my deadlines and whatnot but he is just evil and he has a small mind and man bit. it cracks me up in a way because part of his reasoning was that I may not be around to deal with an emergency with my school schedule. Well the only emergency that I had in that department took place on the the Sunday before Christmas and it lasted from 10 am to 10 pm and I handled it just fine. I also handled taking my mom to ER that day and her diabetic sugar crash that night. So whatever little man.

I am feeling much better about the whole thing now that I have my resume updated.


Debbie said...

Hi Girl, Thanks so much for reading my blog. I have added you to my blogroll so I may follow your journey as well.

Would you mind sending me your email address? I can't seem to find yours.

debbiehowarth at gmail dot com.

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you.

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed....just impressed with you and your bad self


rudecactus said...

Just so you know, an over-abundance of unicorns isn't so hot either. Unicorn crap everywhere!