Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Riddle me this BatGirl

Lets just say for the sake of poops and giggles that you did some psychological testing. Lets also say that you were told to be sure to get a very detailed interview for background information which is useful for interpretation. Then just for even more fun lets say your professor because of where you tested said that he had to help you write the report because he has some fancy pant letters after his name. So you do 5 hours of testing a man who is going through withdrawals and you come out with pages and pages of information. Now you are all proud of your very detailed 9 pages of this subjects history from his mother's pregnancy to his current situation at 50 and you email your fancy pants professor your darn near perfect interview.

Now here is where this story loses its giggles and enters into the poops stage. Your fancy pants professor emails you that you need to condense the nine pages of psychological brilliance into two paragraphs.

How o' great Sigmund Freud am I supposed to do that?!?

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Kate said...

Been there, done that my friend! "Very detailed" usually means "concise and to the point." And my brilliance is no longer needed :( Hang in there! I had to quit grad school when my fiance died. I'm just now looking at going back to finish my Master's in Counseling. But now I'm thinking about a PhD. What the heck was I thinking?????