Sunday, April 20, 2008

Avenue Q

it was a blast! We drove up to E.Lansing early so we could eat and of course the place that I really wanted to try was crazy busy. But I did have time to shop for The Cousin so it was all good. We wandered around looking for somewhere to eat and we went to the Post and apparently we were invisible since we sat there for a good ten minutes just watching the waitresses walk right by us without stopping. So we left. We finally ate at this nasty burrito place. ICK PURE ICK. Anyhoo the play was awesome and the company was even better. If you know my real name check out the pictures on my facebook page:-)

The Man has to go to Canada tomorrow and the repairman for the washer is coming between 1-4. Fun times. I have to run to school quickly to fill out my financial papers for the Summer semester and print out an article then I run back home to wait. Watch him show up at 3:55.

I am working on papers for schoo which this is my last week for TWO whole weeks. YAY that means I can get the office set up and actually clean this place.


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