Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Allie

Allie is my calico cat and I have had her since 1997. She is my princess and she bosses around Loki and Osiris even though she weighs 5 pounds and Loki weighs 25 and Osiris well he needs to watch his points like I do:-) Allie is quite vocal and she just wants to be petted and loved. She recently started doing this weird half sneeze/half cough sound which we thought was just a kitty cold. Now its gotten worse and when she sneezes a bit of blood is in the sneeze spray. I am terrified of taking her to the vet since I know its not going to be good news. I am being a big baby and I refuse to take her without The Man because I know that if they say the only way to get her better is to sell my kidney I will gladly do so. I need him there to talk me off the cliff and remind me that we can't spend a zillion dollars on a 10+ year old cat. This sucks so bad. I don't think she is in pain but she is sleeping a lot but she still climbs on your lap and snuggles.

I just want her to be well and live forever.

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DebbieDo said...

Poor Allie, I hope she feels better.

I grew up with a Calino Cat named Millie, she was the best. She lived until she was 19 years old! I'm sure Allie will live that long too.