Saturday, April 26, 2008

For Oatmeally

Is this better?
Picky picky!!

Anyway I did not go to work last night. I have a horrible cold and I didn't think I could stay up all night. Dorky eh? Anyhoo we took Allie to the vet yesterday. $400.00 later we have two pills and two ear drops. She is an old cat and they are sure she has an ear infection and is dehydrated. So that explains the ear drops. The two pills are for her upper respiratory infection that they THINK she has. They also think she may have a polyp in her nasal cavity. To find out for sure we have to take to a specialist and have a procedure that can cost several thousand dollars. The visit alone is $100.00 and the cheapest option was $2000.00.

Umm yeah.

Casa de German Last Name is not made of money. I am working one day a week unless I pick up hours and that will not change until next year. The cat is at least 12 years old and we just can't figure out how to swing this one. We are doing what we can and if she is in pain we will do what repsonsible people do however I am praying that the pills will work.

This really stink peeps

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