Friday, May 16, 2008

Ruined TV shows

Is it just me or do those Behind the Scene shows ruin tv memories? To this day I can't "Different Blended Family" because I know that Kimberly is dead, Wilis did time and Arnold is well... did you watch Divorce court? "Three is Company" is ruined because Jack and Janet did not like Chrissy after she wanted more money and her last episodes were filmed with her not having any contact with the other two. Seriously she had a different time to film her scenes and she left before the other two arrived for the day's shooting. A show came out about the "Sex in an Urban Area" and I refused to watch it because I want to hold onto my dreams that those four actually like each other and they are not just great actresses. Oh and Screech "Saved by an Annoying Loud Sound, The University Years" is total rubbish for me. I watched "Famous People get Skinny" and he was a complete boob on that show. He also did a porn and quite frankly that is enough to make a single girl want to cheer for the other team.

"Little Single Family Dwelling in an Undeveloped Area" was almost ruined because the father figure could be quite mean to the little girl that I wanted to be like when I was younger.

Ok kids we need to have a chat. As you all know I am in a graduate program for Psychology. This means that,hopefully praying to Baby Jesus, at some point I will have clients. These clients may have pathology that may include trouble with boundary issues. What does that mean to this little blog? Well for one I will try not use any identifying information about me or my little family. I tend to be an open book and I do consider you all to be my friends so this may be tough. If I speak about popular TV shows or books or anything like that I will use fictional titles so odd people can't google and come up with me. I will have to go through this blog and remove any references that may seem personal or identifying.

In the future I may even go private. Which would be odd since I don't actually know how to go private but The Man is computer smart so he can help me figure it out. I certainly won't be discussing any clients or even what type of population I will be working with or am working with at this time. My goals are two fold with this: I want to provide a safe environment for my clients to share whatever they may need to share without fear of me destroying the trust if they find out that I blog they may not be able to open up to me. I also need this blog to get my thoughts out of my head and to share my life with friends and family that I don't talk to everyday. Actually I have another goal, I need to keep my little family safe I view this blog as part of my self care. All therapists need to do something for themselves and this is part of what I do to remind me that I am a separate person from my clients and that I don't have to internalize their pathology. I am aware that this profession can be scary and sometimes dangerous. A therapist was killed in New York by a previous patient. A therapist in the Midwest was stalked by a patient to the point that she looked out of her cottage window and saw her patient sitting on her picnic table. I really don't want that type of excitement.

So to sum it up: I will continue to blog. I may have to go private but I will continue to blog. It helps me stay sane and I do love you all.

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