Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I started my practicum this week. So far so good. I got to sit in on training for marriage, couple and family training. I have no desire to do couples therapy. That has never interested me in the slightest. Maybe because I am child of divorce but being in the middle of two people arguing is just a little too close to home ya know? Yep

Mother's Day was fun despite the poopy rain. The Man and Ohio Pops cooked out in the garage. Ohio Momma and I went to Joannes to pick out drapery fabric and we agreed on a paint color. The Man is very indecisive so I picked out a color that would be too dark so Ohio Momma picked out a shade lighter and it worked.

I can't wait we are getting a new furnance and AC next Friday!! yay for The Duchess and The Man:-)

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