Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Washers, bouncing beds, calicos and character letters

Its been a week and its only Wednesday Oy my head. So our washer is fixed and it only took me screaming at the poor lady at Sears to express just how completely unhappy I am that my washer has been broken for three flipping weeks. That my friends was not a happy phone call and I am sure that supervisor regreted taking my call but for the love of all that is holy and good DO NOT put me on hold for 20 minutes after I told you not to because that does not make me happy. I actually told The Man to gather the money together for bail because if it didn't get fixed today I was hurting someone.

Laverne had a bit of a horrible week. Ya know she is my G-d daughter and its a perfect fit. She was behaving like a normal 5 year old silly girl and she experienced a freak accident. It snowballed from there and now she is home safe and sound surrounded by her American Girl dolls and a grandma who thinks she is perfect and will grant every wish in a healthy non-fattening way. But back to why its perfect she is my G-d daughter the accident was so freaky and of course everyone thought that she was fine and she was in the end but leave it to us to take the ball and just run with it. We don't get papercuts we get GIANT bloody gashes. We don't have colds we have the PLAGUE. E-COLI you say? Sign us up for a heaping helping. Oy that poor kid.

Allie cat has her check up on Friday and she does sound better but trying to give a cat two pills after you cleaned her ears is not the faint hearted. Its kind of funny we will torture her and then she will go looking for the dog to hit him on his pin head. If he is outside she will sit on the step and hit him when he comes inside.

My internship. Oy the internship. I have a list of documentation that I have to turn in before I can start and its crazy. The funniest thing is getting my physical form from my doctor. The story begins last week. I called the doctor at 9:00ish am on Wednesday because I had a sinus infection. I have suffered from them since I was 5 I can spot a Coach purse and a sinus infection at a 100 yards and I am right everytime so don't argue with me. Anyhoo I called early so they would have time to call it in and The Man would pick it up on his way home. This chick we will call Darlene because that is her name called me back at 11:00 and I repeated what I told the first lady and she said she would call in the Rx as soon as the doctor approved it. Alrighty then. So I called at 3:45 to see if it was called in so I could tell The Man to pick it up on his way home from work. Darlene would not come to the phone because she had already spoken to me and now the Dr needed to approve it. Whatever. I called at 5 and the office was closed. So The Man and I went to Urgent Care where I was so sick I wasn't even able to tell the lady my phone number. I got my darn anitbiotic and a nasal spray and we came home. The next day Darlene calls around 11 to tell me that the Dr would be happy to call in the Rx I told her I already went to Urgent Care and thanks so much for her prompt assistance. She told me she had called me back and I said yes only to listen to me repeat what I told the first lady. She said yes but I did call you back. I think she wanted a cookie for calling me back but oh well. Well the Dr called me later that day but I was asleep so I didn't answer and when I called back Darlene came to the phone and really why waste oxygen talking to her? Soo on to the physical form. I dropped it off at the front desk and I asked the lady there to just fax it to the HR person at the internship place and she said yes and I left thinking it was all taken care of but wait Darlene got her mitts on it and it went down hill. She calls me and leaves a message on my cell. The form was filled out and she was going to fax it but wait she wasn't going to fax it until I told her I wanted it faxed. WTF?!? Now why would I leave the fax number if I didn't want it faxed? Ugh. So I called back on Tuesday and the lady who answered was the one I actually saw on Monday and she was just as confused about why it wasn't faxed since I had left the fax number. So we were both puzzled but apparently Darlene is the supervisor for the Department of Dumbass Moves at my Dr's office so it made sense to her. End of story it was faxed by the lady I saw on Monday. Work WITH me people not AGAINST me!

Umm classes started and its not going to be a pretty semester people.

I am working on getting AC and new furnance which is causing me to get creative since I am not working full time so it may be next year but Casa de German Last Name will have air by 2009 or my name isn't Duchess Hispanic Last Name-German Last Name!!