Friday, May 23, 2008

What's new Scooby Doo?

Well lets see.... oh I sprained my ankle. The Same ankle that I broke 3 flipping years ago this October. Graceful thy name is Duchess.
The furnace people are here installing the central a/c. YAYAY!!
I found out that some really good friends of mine are pregnant! The baby is due around Christmas:-)
I feel icky with this ankle but enough whining!

Some of my favorite bloggers are doing this and I am such a follower!!

6 (yes only 6) Quirky Things about the Duchess:

1. I have a nail fetish. I love long nails and I take care of my nails better than any other part of my body. My nailpolish is arranged by brand then color. I have lots of pretty containers to keep my nail supplies organized. I also do my nails to relax.

2. I hate feet. I keep my piggies painted and lotioned but really? Its doesn't matter since I don't wear sandals or go barefoot. The Man thinks this is very odd. Oh I hate hairy toes too. I always closed my eyes during the Kings of the Bracelets when you could see the hobbit feet.

3. I often start conversations with close friends and family in my head then expect you to catch up when you actually arrive. Sadly, the Cousin, The Man, K-Pooh and Oatmeally are really good at catching up. BunnyButt told me she has entire conversations with me in HER head. See? I am not alone.

4. I LOVE office supplies!! I have enough pens and notebooks to start my own store. I swear its the only reason I keep going to school:-)

5. I don't make left turns if I can help it. I will go out of my way to avoid them to the point that my detours could be termed "little field trips" . I am also not a big fan of expressways so given my two driving hang ups its surprising that I get anywhere.I also trust Oatmeally explicitly when driving( actually in all things except purses she has odd taste in purses) which is why I have ended up on the expressway with her navigating. She always acts surprised that we are on the entrance ramp:-P

6. I always make the Sign of the Cross when I pass a certain cememtary. I do it twice once in English and once in Spanish. I have family and friends buried there and while I know that they are actually not there and are in heaven I still do it as a sign of respect and a quick Howdy.

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Anonymous said...

And these are the things that I LOVE about you!

Especially number 3!