Monday, May 19, 2008

Just working

I had to quit my job in January. I JUST now unpacked my last box. You wanna know why? I couldn't handle it emotionally. Yeah I know that is sad but I really loved my kids and I had a lot of friends there. The situation just sucked. So anyway I have the last box unpacked and now the office is slowly looking good.

The office is my project and its never going to end.

I also found $3.00 in change so now I feel rich:-)

What are you doing this fine Monday

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Kate said...

When I quit my job as a youth director at the church? I couldn't look at any of it for a year. Not a bit of it. It made me so sad. My whole office sat in a laundry basket in my bedroom and I'd pick through it every once in awhile, but never unpacked it.

Well, I moved. And I had to use that dang laundry basket for other things. After that much time had passed, it was fun to look at pictures and see the curriculum I had written and the crazy things I'd done with them. It just took time. And I'm a believer in time healing wounds. I just had to wait.