Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Why do I make it a point to feed my Facebook dog everyday? Seriously people, I feel guilty if I don't have time.

I am still revising a paper for a class that ended in April.

I am bitter about it too.

I have a new cute picture of SmartGirl that will be posted soon.

Funny story:

I was testing a 9 year old boy who may be developmentally delayed, possibly autistic. Anyway one of the questions is "If ,Insert Random Girl Name, has 4 pennies and she spends one how many does she have left? The child responds: "What did she buy for a penny?" The trained professional: "Well its not important what she bought we just need to know how much money she had left after she bought it" The child: "Well I want to know what she could buy with a penny" The trained professional: "....."
He called me Miss Lady during the testing and asked if my supervisor was "My boss lady".

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Ashley said...

Bwah! That's funny